Sunday, January 16, 2011

A sneak-leak

Ever since the release of over 250,000 diplomatic cables from the U.N., everyone has been debating about what should happen to Wikileaks, a freedom-of-information-act website that posts documents revealing things about countries that were not meant to be seen by the regular man's eye, and it's founder Julian Assange, a hacker/internet political activist who created the website to condemn nations for being secretive and untruthful to it's people, and hopes that his website will drive governments to be more open about what they reveal to their people. Yes, there is a huge debate, should Assange go to jail for releasing confidential information, should Wikileaks be taken off the web forever. But come on people, the real debate should be if Julian Assange's hair is a super light blond, or if it's white and chic.
People are saying that Wikileaks is espionage and Julian Assange is committing it. But here is the Merriam-Webster definition of that word--espionage: "the practice of spying or using spies to obtain information of about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government or competing company."
So, this only proves that American people are too afraid of 'dem people who are gonna interfere with the way they are gonna live their lives and win the war. Had Julian Assange been going to U.N. meetings and wearing a ten-gallon hat with a video camera inside and handing the recorded tapes of rival countries to the government he was working for and that government then put the ten-gallon hat tapes out into the world, that would be espionage.
However, Julian Assange has never posted something on his website that was meant to benefit one country over another, in fact, there has been things posted on Wikileaks about Australia, Julian Assange's native country, so much so that Wikileaks was banned from Australia.
The only thing that Julian Assange has ever put on Wikileaks has been in the interest of keeping governments truthful and honest and nothing else. Never in the history of Wikileaks has Julian Assange said "Country A is perfect but every other country is bad". So, as I have just proved to you, the words Wikileaks and espionage should not be in the same sentence unless the words "is in no way" are between them.
So why are people running around saying that Wikileaks is the worst thing since flag burning and that Julian Assange is the Devil with a deceiving haircut? Because the governments all around the world are trying so hard to make the good guy be the bad guy so that the bad guy can be the good guy. Governments do not want to be made in to the bad guy, because all of a sudden, people get mad and, woops-a-daisy there's a Tunisia.
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